Via dei Gracchi, 29/B
00192 - Rome (Italy)
VAT NUMBER: IT14642021001

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Elia Pellegrini is a 22-years-old Italian artist specialized in visual arts, 3D and animation.
Prior to his high school graduation, he has already worked on several commercial projects for clients like Aperol and Campari. Afterwards he decided to move to Maranello beginning his career as 3D generalist at STAR Engineering, where he worked on projects for Ferrari in 2019. From 2020 until 2022, Elia worked in the music video industry as lead CGI artist and 3D artist for a VFX production company based in Los Angeles called YHELLOW. Through his art, Elia wants to inspire other people expressing a primary message at least visually: the importance of light.

Selected clients:
Pixar, Disney, Adobe, Google, Borgo Vecchio Dubai, David Guetta, Daniel Wellington and much more.