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A well-crafted
Digital Art Market

Noruwei NFT for the established Art
and Advertising Industry

Visual Art is increasingly Digital in nature and we are image makers driven by new artistic and multidisciplinary expressions with the commitment to create memorable unique pieces.

From licenses toward property for digital content.
Noruwei started a collaboration with BrightNode, a professional business consulting firm based in Switzerland focused on Blockchain, Tokenomics, NFTs and DeFi.

We create any kind of still or animated visuals quickly and at the highest quality, thanks to the partnership with BrightNode we provide a process for managing artworks as NFTs, ensuring provenance, verify uniqueness and enforce terms for resale rights royalties.

Trade digital artworks
with a tailor-made process

Through the blockchain, a digitally distributed, decentralized, public ledger secured through cryptography, we trade and assign a unique ID to the digital artworks; the results are non-fungible tokens (NFT).

NFTs allow digital artworks to be digitally fingerprinted with simple properties: they are tradeable and usable across multiple applications and they retain value, scarcity and uniqueness.

Provenance and proof of ownership are guaranteed by specific smart contracts which automate payments and enforce certain terms such as resale rights royalties.

We provide a service for clients without cryptocurrency accounts and allows them to buy NFTs using traditional Fiat currency (EUR, USD).

You can buy, create and trade your assets ensuring that authentic, unique digital artworks will be available to the public for the future generations.

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